Capture the Community!

The upcoming fall season is going to be one of the most anticipated periods of time ever in local communities across Ohio.  Excitement will grow as “in person” activities resume and fans begin to fill the stands.

Ohio Bankers Leauge members can now join in this celebration and also be recognized for the important role that each plays within its own community!

Each OBL member that signs up for this exciting opportunity will receive:

  • Prime Branding – 2 field level signs in stadium
  • 200 Co-Branded Tees – “Welcome Back Giveaway!”
  • Fall Check Presentation – at an event in front of spectators 
  • PA Announcements – at every Fall event
  • Social Media Promotion – school accounts, 3-4 posts

Note: The #BackTogetherOhio is a concept conceived by DistrictWON.  OBL members are free to use it for this campaign or not.  If an OBL member chooses to participate in this campaign, each member controls all branding and messaging 100%.  The #BackTogetherOhio concept is simply provided as a placeholder and a thought-starter for how special this fall will be!

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