Official Partner of the NIAAA

Thank you for partnering with DistrictWON ("DW") and Allstate.

This represents a Letter of Agreement between DW and your school to participate in a sponsorship program on behalf of Allstate for the 2022-23 academic year.  The following outlines the terms of this agreement:

What your school receives:

  • $1,250 in direct funding.

What your school is required to execute for this partnership:

  • Banner (Winter 2022-23) – Your school will display one (1) sign, 4′ x 8′ in the school’s primary gym for all events in 2022/23. 
  • Banner (Spring 2023) – Your school will display one (1) sign, 4′ x 8′ at the school’s primary spring facility for all events in 2023.
    • We ask that all banners or signs be placed in prime viewing positions. (at entrance to the track facility if possible) 
  • PA announcements – (2-3) PA announcements to be read per event for all events that have an announcer present.
  • School Social Media Posts: 
    • Two (2) branded social media posts for each athletic season, Winter and Spring. This is generally a simple “thank you sponsor” post.
    • Posts to be originated through school’s primary athletic account (generally Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook). Note, see below the “Partnership Note”.
  • On-Site: Accommodate one (1) on-site for an Allstate agent to appear at an approved school event (generally a 10′ x 10′ area).  Please provide a table and two (2) chairs, Allstate agent will provide all other materials.

Partnership Note:
We submit funds immediately to each school upon receiving proper compliance from you!

  • Ideally, we like to receive photos of signs as they are displayed during an event. To make compliance very simple, schools can post sign photos to their social media accounts – this will also cover the requirement for “social media posts.”  We will provide further details on this as the season approaches.

DW’s goal is to make this as turnkey as possible for your school. In that respect, we provide everything to your school at no cost (banners, copy for PA’s and social media)

For every aspect of this program, including all creative aspects and content, your school retains all approval rights. Any renewal of this agreement, with the same or differing elements, must be operated through DW.

This is intended to be impactful (and fun!) for the entire community.  In that spirit, we will work cooperatively to make it a great success! 

By filling out the form below and clicking Submit, your school agrees to this partnership. Thank you!

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