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We create partnerships that inspire widespread
community and brand interaction.

The Platform

Thousands of high schools across the nation.  We see high schools as neighborhood pillars with the ability to galvanize entire communities.

We work in partnership with high schools primarily through Athletics.  Given our scope, we have the largest “sports-marketing” canvas in the U.S., providing national scale with unmatched local activation.

Our Mission

To create meaningful brand connections deep into communities via marketing partnerships with high schools.  Everything driven by a true Purpose.

The Medium

Our delivery methods are many and layered, providing fantastic reach deep into  communities.  These include live sporting event activation and branding, integration into live streaming, inclusion into trusted social media, guaranteed coverage into hyper-local media outlets and more.

Our People

Unlike most companies, we only highlight our Team approach to everything we do.  Our staff is full of people who have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to create and be part of a special company.  As individuals, each possesses incredible talent and unparalleled experience and knowledge in this unique niche, that to a large extent, we have together pioneered (and yes, many have received prestigious individual accolades as well!)  However, none of us alone can make this place sing, rather, everything we do is done together. Our partners immediately become part of our Team, as we do with them!

Our Partners

19071 Old Detroit Rd. Suite #200
Rocky River, OH 44116


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