Partnering with Purpose™

High school sports and extracurriculars are foundational assets that deliver life skills and teaching moments that will carry through a lifetime. It is vital that these endeavors are supported.

DistrictWON is the premier company to reach and engage high school students, parents and administrators.  DistrictWON provides the platform and is a one-stop resource to deliver integrated programs that truly make a difference for brands and the communities they serve.

Purpose-Driven Marketing™

Purpose-Driven Marketing™ is a brand’s investment that makes a positive impact and provides a tangible benefit to the communities it serves.

For DistrictWON and its partners, the ‘purpose’ of its investment is to:

• Deliver much needed assistance to high school sports and extracurricular activities
• Reach a ‘hyper-local’ target of youth and families
• Support the brand’s goals and reinforce its commitment to the communities it serves

DistrictWON brings a wealth of experience into this endeavor, with a leadership team with strong reputations in the scholastic and corporate marketing space.  The DistrictWON team is committed to delivering the very best to all of our partners, including schools, brands and vendors.  When partnering with DistrictWON, you partner with people who care deeply about operating with integrity, and delivering the very best programs to schools and brands that produce positive and inspiring results.  And with this, everyone wins!

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