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“The track uniforms we received are excellent in design and quality! The ability to order replacements year after year is a huge benefit."
Chuck Kyle
Head Track Coach
St. Ignatius High School, OH
"It’s one of the most special honors I’ve had coaching and I’ve been doing this for a while now. We had a little ceremony before we came out here to put on the jerseys and show these kids, they just saw them today. They know they have to run for greatness like Jesse Owens would. I just told them to run great and be great, and they did."
Julian Jackson-Ross,
Head Track Coach
Rhodes HS, Cleveland, OH
"We were extremely impressed with the wrestling singlets. The athletes loved them and the quality was awesome."
Joseph Lanham
Athletic Director
Brunswick High School, GA
"The football uniforms we received through DistrictWON are great! The players loved the alternate design and replacements were easy to get."
Paul Powers
Athletic Director
Aurora High School, OH

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