T-Mobile Fall Event Partnership

T-Mobile, working with DistrictWON, is excited to bring your school a great sponsorship for the upcoming football season (August-early October timeframe). The following details represent the terms of the partnership agreement:

What your school receives:

  • $1,000 in direct funding, with a very exciting chance at much larger prizes, full details coming in early August!

What your school is required to execute for this partnership:

  • Display a 8′ by 4′ Gate Banner at the stadium at the primary entrance through October
  • Read PA Announcements during the promotional period (minimum of 2x per stadium event)
  • Participate with two (2) social media posts during the season
  • Best efforts to accommodate a “check presentation” for the $1,000 (pregame, between quarters, halftime, at school, online, etc.) 

Partnership Note:
We submit funds immediately to each school upon receiving proper compliance from you!

  • Ideally, we like to receive photos of signs as they are displayed during an event. Note, to make compliance very simple, schools can post sign photos to their social media accounts – this will also cover the requirement for “social media posts.”  We will provide further details on this as the season approaches.

DistrictWON’s goal is to make this as turnkey as possible for your school. In that respect, we provide everything to your school at no cost (signs, copy for PA’s and social media, promotional items, etc.)

Any renewal of this agreement, with the same or differing elements, must be operated through DistrictWON.

This is intended to be impactful and fun for the entire community. T-Mobile will be unleashing some amazing potential additional benefits to schools participating in this sponsorship in early August.  In that spirit, they may be featuring selected participating schools within their own promotional material and marketing efforts (with pictures, video, social media, etc.). Your school may be chosen, and via this partnership agreement, agree to be featured in this manner.

By filling out the form below and clicking Submit, your school agrees to all terms of this partnership agreement. Thank you!