Our entire business was founded upon Purpose-Driven Marketing®. It is a brand’s investment that makes a positive impact and provides a tangible benefit to the communities it serves.  And we know to truly make a difference, it needs to be a movement embraced by brands, agencies and decision-makers at those companies. There are many thought leaders in this space and one of the things we plan to do to help spread the message is share interesting content by others that are making headway in this space. Below is a video of Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever delivering his keynote at Talent Connect in London a few years back.  After watching the video, ask yourself these questions:
  1.  Could I still have a strong business if the societal issues were ignored by all businesses?
  2. Outside of generating revenue, does my company have a purpose?
  3. How can my business make a positive impact in this world?
  4. Which purpose most closely aligns with our business, our team members and our customers?
  5. What are the steps I need to take to integrate a purpose into the core of our company’s mission?