As a graduate of Raymore-Peculiar High School in Peculiar, Missouri, Farmers Insurance Agent Mike Medsker has made it one of his life’s missions to give back and watch the community’s potential grow.

Medsker has lived in the region his whole life; he graduated from Ray-Pec in 1997 and went on to marry a fellow graduate. Since launching the Michael Medsker Insurance Agency office located in Raymore nearly 8 years ago, Medsker said he has tried to use that position to honor the youth community, support Ray-Pec’s athletics program, and encourage service. That’s taken several forms over the years, both personally and professionally, from coaching to monetary contributions to the school.

“That’s where my heart lies,” Medsker said. “Whether it’s on my coaching side, or sponsoring events at Ray-Pec, from their baseball to their basketball program. I try to sponsor as much as possible. If I can afford it, I try to jump on it and do it.”

Before he started at Farmers, the local agency’s prior owner had introduced the concept of Players of the Week for the school and its Ray-Pec Panthers. Medsker continued that tradition, highlighting what he called “Making a Difference” (M.A.D.) players. Although sports provide the opportunity, it’s not a moment that is about athleticism, per se.

A player of the week, Medsker said, is “a kid that does something outside the ordinary, something for their community – holding doors open, tutoring, activities outside school. We do that for boys and girls basketball – on top of monetary help.”

Fundraisers, donation opportunities, raffles, sponsorships – Medsker’s help has taken a lot of forms.

His contributions also have helped buy equipment, according to Joyce DeBrot, president of the Athletic Booster Club for Raymore-Peculiar High School, and therefore helped local athletes compete.

“This year’s essential equipment includes practice and game day basketballs, travel bags, and partial assistance in new soccer goals,” DeBrot said. ”The new equipment is critical in the safety of our athletes to help prevent unnecessary injuries while protecting our goal during girls or boys soccer games. Any upgrade is a boost to morale for the officials, trainers, coaches, athletes, and especially the parents or guardians.”

Some of that goodwill inevitably comes back around. According to Medsker, a majority of his agency’s new business in the area has come from local families. The community has been positive in its feedback, and his agency has received thanks for its support. This is particularly important for Medsker, as the insurance business is one built largely on word of mouth.

With that in mind, Medsker’s insurance agency and Farmers Insurance teamed up with marketing consultant DistrictWON to help form a partnership with Ray-Pec high school and spread its brand message. The insurance agency is promoted through PA announcements at the school and at tournaments, with banners at school events, and through opportunities for Medsker and the community to interact one-on-one.

“We get to be out there a lot in the community and the community gets to see that, and they’re always thankful,” Medsker said. “And then if the time comes and they need insurance, they realize the money we make off them, we’re trying to give back. They know it’s from the heart.”

That, as Medsker put it, is the whole play.

“Thank you, Mike Medsker and Farmers Insurance for your continued reinforcement to the Ray-Pec Athletic Booster Club’s goals of getting the important work done for the safety of our athletes,” DeBrot said.

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