Nolan Catholic High School and All Saints’ Episcopal School, both in Fort Worth, Texas, praised the kindness of a local Farmers Insurance agent who has helped support the athletic departments at both private institutions.

“The generosity of the monetary donation helps the student-athletes at Nolan by providing some necessary health supplements and transportation support to get to our games,” said Nolan Catholic High School Athletics Director Aaron Mattox.

The Nolan Vikings and the Saints at All Saints’ Episcopal have benefited through separate partnerships facilitated by DistrictWON with Farmers Insurance agent Larry Kardaras, who heads Kardaras Insurance LLC on Sandage Avenue in Fort Worth.

Mattox explained that since partnering with DistrictWON, an Ohio-based marketing consultant that builds community ties by linking company brands with schools, “our football team has been able to promote the football program and Nolan Catholic High School through the great schedule magnets that are donated to us. I think partnering with DistrictWON helps the community see that local businesses want to support NCHS and that in turn we should support them.”

Kardaras has participated in the partnership program for several years at Nolan Catholic and at All Saints’ Episcopal.

“I get to know the coaches, some of the family members of each school, and help to identify with existing customers and their children who go to school there,” Kardaras said, noting that his donation to each school allows his company to receive signage on the fields during football season, PA announcements at games, two social media posts per school, and an on-site check presentation at each school.

“The generous check is giving back to the community and school… they love seeing businesses giving back,” said Kardaras.

The Farmers Insurance agent also said that his company uses Facebook and Instagram to help promote his agency and the schools.

“Plus, both schools are private, so the customers have more insurance needs and they are more tight knit in the community,” Kardaras said, explaining that word-of-mouth support from parents has been another benefit of the DistrictWON-facilitated partnership.

Kardaras added that he’s been doing this for the last 11 years and “can’t imagine stopping now.”

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