DistrictWON is now fully in motion. The mission is simple:

“To unite brands with schools to create positive programs that benefit schools, brands and the communities they serve. DistrictWON provides the platform and is a one-stop resource to deliver integrated programs that truly make a difference!”

With a team of people that pioneered marketing access into high schools, and one that has earned the trust of thousands of schools, DistirctWON is in full motion! We have access to the best and most meaningful assets within schools, along with high-level creative and executional thinking. These attributes enable better programs for both schools and brand partners. If you are with a school, you must learn about our All Access program! If you are with a brand and need to achieve community integration, utilize our platform!

We are committed in many areas, but above all else is Trust. Schools can Trust our partnership. Brands can Trust our work on their behalf.

We operate with the utmost integrity and look forward to working with you!