Student athletes attending Nevada’s Mineral County High School (MCHS) and Churchill County High School (CCHS) are enjoying stronger school spirit bolstered in part by their newly provided uniforms from an area Farmers Insurance agent, according to athletic administrators and coaches at both schools.

 “We can’t thank Curtis Isom and Farmers Insurance enough for all the support we have received,” said Pete Summerbell, athletic director at MCHS in Hawthorne, Nev. “This support has led to a tremendous surge in our school spirit and given our student athletes a lift in their self-esteem.” And the increased support, Summerbell said, has not gone unnoticed by the entire Serpents community, which has “rallied around the school spirit and have increased our attendance at games.”

 The same is true at CCHS, where girls’ basketball coach Kevin Wickware says “getting new uniforms has brought a sense of pride to our team.”

 Home of the Greenwave in Fallon, Nev., CCHS student athletes usually must wait several years to get a new set of uniforms, said Wickware. “That means our uniforms are usually outdated,” he explained. “But with the help of Curtis, we were able to get updated uniforms and our athletes are grateful for this opportunity and his generosity.” 

 The contributions also have covered crucial needs left unfilled due to local funding gaps at both schools.

 “As budgets for athletics in our school have diminished, Curtis has stepped up and has been a major contributor for all our programs,” said MCHS’s Summerbell.

 For example, via a deal brokered by DistrictWON, Isom supplied the Serpents’ volleyball team and the boys’ basketball team with complete home and away uniforms. Last year, Isom also sponsored a White Out day during an MCHS home game and provided more than 200 T-shirts, as well as uniforms for both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams “that the student athletes could keep,” Summerbell said. “It was a huge success.”

“We look forward to our partnership with DistrictWON, Farmers Insurance, and Curtis Isom,” said Summerbell. “We can’t thank everyone involved enough.”

At CCHS, Wickware said Isom’s partnership provided new uniforms that enabled the team “to focus our small community-raised funds towards our basketball season.” That meant that the CCHS team could pay for other costs associated with tournament entries, programs, and equipment. “The additional donation that Curtis provides alleviates some of the stress our program has in regards to covering certain costs,” said Wickware. 

Isom, a second-generation Farmers Insurance agent with two offices — one in Fallon, Nev., (Churchill County) and the other in Hawthorne, Nev. (Mineral County) — is honored to be able to support MCHS and CCHS.

“And the fact that my daughter is an athlete at Mineral County High School definitely was an influence on my decision to provide uniforms to these schools,” he said, adding that “Hawthorne and Fallon have been very good to me and my family.”

 As many local businesses do, Isom said he supports a lot of youth events to show that his business is part of the community. But he said the high school programs make his business “stand out from the crowd.”

 “The parents and the kids both will remember where the uniforms came from. And that has helped us become more of a presence in the communities,” said Isom, noting that the DistrictWON partnership is also a win for his company.

 “When I, or someone from my team solicit business in these communities, people usually know my name,” Isom said. “It automatically gets us a warmer reception.”  

 Both MCHS and CCHS are public schools that don’t always have the necessary funding for their athletic departments, added Isom. “In recent years, both schools have had some amazing teams and won state championships. So, it doesn’t really sit well with me to see these same teams doing fundraisers for new uniforms,” he said. “I have personally been thanked by parents, coaches, and kids from both schools for doing this program.” 

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