The athletics director at Wapakoneta High School in Ohio says donations from a local businessman prove that school-corporate partnerships benefit the entire community.

“The support from local business and specifically Alan Davis Insurance has been tremendous, especially during the drop in spectator attendance due to outside factors,” said Wapakoneta High School Athletic Administrator Brad Rex. “Support like this from Alan Davis has helped us to continue to supply our student-athletes with the best opportunities possible.”

As head of the Alan Davis Insurance Agency, a Farmers Insurance agent in Wapakoneta and Minster, Alan Davis has provided the high school with football jerseys and baseball uniforms, as well as t-shirts and additional funding over the last three years, Rex said, adding that “the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.”

“The uniforms have been very well received by the players and the community,” said Rex.

And Davis has been more than happy to help.

“The players loved it,” Davis said. “People thank me for supporting the kids.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone tell me it’s a bad thing,” he joked.

Local business support for schools offers a lot of benefits, added Davis. For instance, when a local company makes a monetary donation or purchases team jerseys or uniforms, then certain costs can be eliminated for players, enabling more students to participate, he said.

At the same time, local business support or event sponsorships can make the entire sporting event more enjoyable for everyone, Davis said, noting that area companies have donated money used to purchase new score boards, pristine fields or courts, and new uniforms, among other items — all of which help enhance the overall sporting experience.

“It brings a community together,” said Davis. “You could rob a bank here on Friday night because everybody is at the football game having a good time.”

Davis also said that Farmers Insurance has supported high school sports for years “because it’s so important to support the local communities we operate in.”

As part of the partnership with Wapakoneta High School, Alan Davis Insurance Agency has for the last three years sponsored the Safe Decisions Program, an annual campaign that emphasizes safe driving and that is publicized through high school events.

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