We approach every opportunity with the same question...

How can this benefit

The School & Community?

Community-Based Marketing
via School Partnership

Schools across the country are faced with the same challenges year in and year out when it comes to their extracurricular programs.   Between facility costs, transportation costs, pay to play, and other financial burdens, these vitally important sports and activity programs are the ones most often threatened.

Ironically, these same sports and programs often represent the entire school’s identity and serve as a vital bond within their respective communities.  DistrictWON’s main goal is to bring beneficial and purposeful partnerships to the schools.

School Athletic Team Sales

The current model and trajectory of team sales is moving further and further away from benefiting schools.  There has been no relief in sight for schools that are already struggling with these annual purchases. 

That is why DistrictWON developed the ALL ACCESS Program.  Our program is truly revolutionary and offers a true partnership approach.  A partnership that provides outstanding products and service, and one that can literally flip the budget by as much as $50,000 annually – proven!