Schools and Covid19

Finding an Answer

Since COVID began and schools started to shut down,  DistrictWON has been exploring ways that we can assist Athletic Departments in navigating this pandemic and to offer strategies for a confident and comfortable return to normalcy.  The single most important issue that has come up with schools is how to safely and effectively disinfect their facilities.  How to answer the question from their staff, students, and families that their school is “germ/virus safe”.  We have been actively seeking a solution to answer the question of long term efficacy.  Finding a disinfectant that can last for more than 1 day.  Our initial findings were that most disinfectants kill virus/germs once applied, but that was it. It did not answer the long term.  Schools need a long term solution!

DistrictWON found the answer.  It is called System 3”.  The is a revolutionary product that bridges the pandemic and offers long term virus and germ protection.  ALL ingredients are green, W.H.O and CDC compliant and also on the EPA approved “N” list.  Please use this link to discover more about this GAME CHANGING product and how it can help your school.