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We create partnerships that inspire widespread
community, school and brand interaction.

Brand Platform

We deliver nationwide scale and hyper-local reach to engage local communities. Leveraging the following tactics, we create powerful local marketing programs for our brand partners:

All device delivery with precise targeting, delivering powerfull data.

Integration into school’s trusted social media

Live Streaming Integration into athletic, theater and other school events

Prime branding via signs, PA’s, schedule magnets, ticket-backs, promo items and more at hundreds of events

Activation & engagement opportunity for full experiential display

School and partner branded apparel & goods

Fully integrated campaigns can include all of the above and more. These campaigns are intended to inspire widespread community, school and brand interaction. Our Capabilities including a comprehensive integration of many different demographic groups along with content management of campaigns

What makes us different?

Aside from a strong work ethic and years of experience, DistrictWON has the unique ability to link brands with schools through integrated programs that are mutually beneficial. We do this by providing a platform to deliver creative, purpose-based sponsorship and marketing campaigns that truly do make a difference.

Our mission is to connect brands with schools and create positive, locally activated programs that benefit schools, brands and the communities they serve. 


The “high school” sports market is a massive entity that can be invaluable for certain brands.

Conventional wisdom holds that it cannot be “brand-owned” or “dominated” due to its disparate and local nature.

That reasoning is wrong.

The “high school” market is primed for a significant “brand ownership” strategy and will reward such effort exponentially. There is not a single company, scholastic association, federation, or governing body that controls the market. 

DistrictWON has unique access and knowledge to a variety of the “best in class” solutions to allow such a strategy to come to life.

Brands should stop wasting their investments on the unknown.

This is the largest market in sports, come and get it!

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High school sports and extracurriculars are foundational assets that deliver life skills and teaching moments that will carry through a lifetime.

Schools across the country are faced with the same challenges year in and year out when it comes to their extracurricular programs.   Between facility costs, transportation costs, pay to play, and other financial burdens, these vitally important sports and activity programs are the ones most often threatened.

DistrictWON is here to help. We bring schools revenue through creative partnerships with brands!

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

12,000,000 + Students

Over 19,500 high schools offer athletic and extracurricular opportunities to over 12 million students each year.

4 X as Likely to Pursue College

Student athletes are four times as likely as non-athletes to have any postsecondary education.

60 % Students Pay to Play

The average cost for school athletic fees per student was $126 and jumps to $401 when considering additional costs.

87 % Will Support In Return

Consumers are more likely to buy from companies that stand for an issue that they view as important and care about

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  • This includes all athletic uniforms PLUS the amount your families spend on team player pack items.
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